Hey my name is Lily (born on the 24th of November in 1999) and i’m a student at the Liceo Artistico (art school) in Zürich.

I passed the test for the “Medien Form und Farbe Schule” but I decided to go to the italian art high school. Because I liked the family atmosphere (there are only about 200 students.)

All my drawings have been created in the last year. I’m certainly not the master of art, because everyone can be an artist.. I don’t even wanna call me an artist. It makes me feel selfish.

I don’t post pictures on social networks anymore, that means this website is unique and if you use my name on other networks i’d be disappointed. I’m thinking about making a patent on my name anyway. (Even though I can’t actually afford it, but dreaming is allowed, right?)

This blog is kind of a diary to me so it could include some personal stuff..

Writing thoughts down inother languages is easier than in native language. (Thats why  I write all my posts in english)


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