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last wednesday I was invited to a Design thinking class at the ETH in zurich and it was a lot of fun and i learned so much about thinking out of the box.


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So Today was the first time I ever experienced an earthquake. Since we have our study weeks in the liceo artistico we are in italy – Rome and since we are here to improve our language-skills we are staying in separate families.

So when it happened we were just taking about the first one that i didn’t even feel and suddenly the chandelier started to swing from one side to another. It was such a strange feeling to sense the normally solid ground you’re standing on move and it really gave me a shiver.

Credits to: Anouk


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People who know me also know that I’m very spontaneous.

last week I went to Grosseto and visited Tim. It was a short-term decision so I didn’t really have time to pack and plan everything. Instead I just packed a very small suitcase and the next day I entered the train to Italy (Tuscany). It took me about 11 hours to get there, but it didn’t really bother me because I was that excited about seeing him again.

I got to know his Family and friends and I had a good time there. They were lovely and I’ve grown very fond of them.

It really did pay off:) I’m so glad I went there.


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well I started working on a drawing of a very important person to me.I had to draw him because i really like him a lot and couldnt resist<3 I’m still not very far but at least i managed to draw the shirt and knee. But I’m kind of insecure about drawing the other parts because thats the most difficult to do.


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So the new project were doing in Plastiche is sketching the human skull. Because what were gonna do later is rebuilding it with clay. I really enjoy doing these sketches and its interesting to learn that much about it, but I’m kinda sceptical about the forming part because its not my favorite thing to do in art-class, but we’ll see.


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Ohne Titel

A4 Acrylic on paper

found this old drawing, showing a corner of a room with painted walls. It was supposed to be a background for the original picture that should’ve shown a pet-bottle. I needed to do this for the mf+f, for the entrance exams. But I never used it anyway so I let it the way it was and now its just a room. It kind of reminds me a bit of the flag of the Czech Republic because of the perspective. (except for the colors)