Prison break

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Prison break is one of my favorite series on netflix. Its about two guys who are trying to get out of a prison.

About a few weeks ago I started to try out some origami art. I watched a tutorial on youtube and I learned pretty quick how to do this crane.

proud me.

Random part2: Did you know that Lara is a State of Venezuela with the capital Barquisimeto.


music on

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Ohne Titel

Playing the piano is my passion.

I started teaching it myself when I was 11 years old, cause my teacher was very boring and she only taught me those useless songs like “Alli mini Entli”.

Today I play songs like: The battle- Chronicles of Narnia or many others of the composer Brian Crain.

Yesterday I worked on my composition on the piano, wich my best friend gave me. They had 2 and wanted to get rid of one, because they’re going to move.

Random: Did you know that the word word appears  2570 times in the hebrew bible.



My friend was “umespassting” on Wikipedia (word).



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So today and the day before I was working on my school project. It’s a huge drawing of water (2x2m) and I’m really excited because i’ve never done such a big drawing (canvas)

I also need to write an essay about all my work. (It has to be about 8 pages long..)

..which is less exciting

additional to that there is homework to do over holiday.


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I did it , I am qualified for the liceo artistico. That makes me rly happy

And I had to write some cancellations to those other schools.

Well today also was the 1st of April and I think I wasn’t rly fooled, but I had thought..

cause that one guy from class told us his school bus were on fire and I didn’t believe him so I was shocked when I found out that he was right. Burning school bus at first april.

The other day the roof of a random house next to our school came off, cause it was so windy.

so the weather sucks too..


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Hey so this is my blog

I have no idea what to write but  i will tell you something about my work and what I like to do in my spear time..  later

You can look at some of my drawings or write ur own comment about this page..

Do whatever your heart desires

pretty poetic…