The past month I travelled around europe a lot. I visited the UK. Me and Tim stayed in London for a week, which was really fun. It was my first visit ever and I’m still amazed how busy a city can be. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it a lot having our time alone there.


One week later we went to Italy former kind of a beach-vacation. There we had the last chance to make the most of our time together, before leaving each to San Francisco and Trieste. The following three weeks were legit as well as hard, because I really did have fun with all my friends and we celebrated together, but now and then I tried not to miss Tim. In the end we had so many unforgettable memories that it made everything alright anyway.

I will miss the Time were we could go out in the evening and sleep a little longer in the morning. Where no one cared how shitty you looked because everyone did, and the time when we sat on the Pier and talked about people and music and whatever came to our minds.

Although school started again its nice to see all those people again.

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